Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Skeletons on Parade

On Sunday, the Fishpatties left Paris to go to the 16th arr. We went to the Palais de Tokyo for a modern art exihibit and to explore a little.

The art was occasionally interesting, but it was the epic scale of some of the pieces that was really arresting. To give you a sense of the size of this suspended skeleton, I backed as far away from the thing as I could, nearly knocking a watermelon off of its pedestal.

"A watermelon?!" you say.

Well, not a real watermelon. It was more of a plastic watermelon next to an inflating and deflating pyramid. There. Now you know.

After the museum, we were starving. So we went to put some meat on our bones at a seafood place a bones throw from the mauseleum. Mr. F started with scallops tartare with tahitian vanilla oil and Dr. F had smoked salmon on a spinach salad. Main dishes were seared tuna on cheesy mashed potatoes for him (very good), grilled scallops on mushroom risotto for her (also very good). The desserts were mediocre, but it's still a recommended restaurant if you're near the Eiffel tower.


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