Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is that Mont Blanc in your pocket...?

Last week, we finally got our pictures from Megeve (one of the cities visited by the Fishpatties and Maltesers, see Maltesers in Paris, and Beyond), a destination undocumented by Mr. Fishpatty because the memory card on the camera was full. Therefore, this is a picture of a picture. I apologize.

The big mountain just behind us (and beneath the flash glare. I apologize.) is Mont Blanc, and, as you can see, the weather was outrageous. 70 degrees and so sunny Mr. Fishpatty braved ultimate sweatiness and redneck hattedness to avoid melanoma instantaneous. A good trade off, I think. Good thing I had sunglasses or I would have suffered Mr. Malteser's ultimate squintiness. Poor guy. Good thing we had some 50s starlet sunglasses for him to wear, courtesy of Mrs. Fishpatty.


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