Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Birthday Wishes, encore!

Happy Birthday to Doug (check out his website!), my former workout partner and racquetball opponent! Heady days, those were.

In honor of Doug's birthday, I went to the gym for the second time in Paris. Those doughy frenchman were no match for me, I can tell you. I relegated them to girly machine exercises and yoga mats; free weights are for men (and serious women).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Da Vinci Load

Eat your mullet-coifed hearts out, one and all.

"The Da Vinci Code" opened Cannes last night and had a simultaneous opening across Paris. That makes today the second day you could have seen it, if you were here. You suckers have to wait until tomorrow.

So in honor of Tom Hanks' mullet, enjoy.

I blame the Pope. He never liked Jesus' mullet either.

*For more mullets, check out The Mullitia.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Is that Mont Blanc in your pocket...?

Last week, we finally got our pictures from Megeve (one of the cities visited by the Fishpatties and Maltesers, see Maltesers in Paris, and Beyond), a destination undocumented by Mr. Fishpatty because the memory card on the camera was full. Therefore, this is a picture of a picture. I apologize.

The big mountain just behind us (and beneath the flash glare. I apologize.) is Mont Blanc, and, as you can see, the weather was outrageous. 70 degrees and so sunny Mr. Fishpatty braved ultimate sweatiness and redneck hattedness to avoid melanoma instantaneous. A good trade off, I think. Good thing I had sunglasses or I would have suffered Mr. Malteser's ultimate squintiness. Poor guy. Good thing we had some 50s starlet sunglasses for him to wear, courtesy of Mrs. Fishpatty.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Skeletons on Parade

On Sunday, the Fishpatties left Paris to go to the 16th arr. We went to the Palais de Tokyo for a modern art exihibit and to explore a little.

The art was occasionally interesting, but it was the epic scale of some of the pieces that was really arresting. To give you a sense of the size of this suspended skeleton, I backed as far away from the thing as I could, nearly knocking a watermelon off of its pedestal.

"A watermelon?!" you say.

Well, not a real watermelon. It was more of a plastic watermelon next to an inflating and deflating pyramid. There. Now you know.

After the museum, we were starving. So we went to put some meat on our bones at a seafood place a bones throw from the mauseleum. Mr. F started with scallops tartare with tahitian vanilla oil and Dr. F had smoked salmon on a spinach salad. Main dishes were seared tuna on cheesy mashed potatoes for him (very good), grilled scallops on mushroom risotto for her (also very good). The desserts were mediocre, but it's still a recommended restaurant if you're near the Eiffel tower.

More Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Mr. Fishpatty's Mom! She made her first visit to Europe last month and discovered just how spoiled she is to live in CA, where smoking is a class D felony.

So here's a photo of a modern art exhibit about smoking. There's no smoke in the room, so it's a smoke screen. Almost suggesting that people hide behind the smoke and the act of smoking, with their smoke breaks and smoking cliques, separating themselves into a "Smoking Room" or smoking identity. At least, that's what pretentious Mr. Fishpatty thinks.