Thursday, April 20, 2006

Maltesers in Paris, and Beyond!

Good times follow the Maltesers, so we were really excited about their visit. This is their arrival in Paris on, oh, did I mention? AIR INDIA! They enjoyed the food, the service, and the liberal policy regarding oversize curry-ons. (Oh, yes I did!)

In the medieval town of Pérouges (13th Century) we asked for a wine list with dinner and they handed us this scroll on deer skin. Really. The prices were in pencil, which killed the effect a bit, but it's still a cool picture.

More Pérouges. Here are some rooftops at sunset.

Here's a little history: after plague and the mechanization of weaving, the population of Pérouges dropped to 12. But the city was so old and so historical looking that the government stepped in and, shockingly, subsidized its continued existence. Ah, the French! Soon they'll be paying people to learn their language, like the Welsh. It's cute.

Nice picture and backdrop, right? This church is in Annecy, near the French Alps. It looks majestic and remote, an amazing feat of building. We hiked up to check it out, see the view, and go inside. Strangely, the stained glass window characters looked like Apostles Cartoons, and the serene choral we heard was a CD playing on a sound system. On our way out, we noticed that the corner stone read MCMXXIII. That's right, 1923. We all looked at each other and felt cheated, like we'd been tricked into making the hike and being impressed by history, but it was just a newish church in France.

I guess they exist, but who wants to see that? I could go to a Mormon temple or some other new religion's church in the US to see that. Pretty lame, Annecy. The World's Biggest Ball of Aluminum Foil would have been more satisfying, but that's what I get for judging a church by its cover.


Blogger Go Go Guitar Girl said...

I can't believe you guys went to Annecy!!! That's one of my favorite towns in all of France. My host parents had a house there. Did you see the prison in the middle of the river??? xxx

8:27 AM  
Blogger Urban Noise Machine said...

We did see the prison/petit palais; but, in typical French fashion, it was only open from 10-12, and 2-5. We managed to miss the tour both days we were there! Ditto for the Chateau!

Ah, Annecy. Where people thought I was Croatian and a river runs through it.

9:13 AM  

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