Thursday, April 20, 2006

Genius at Work

This is a photo shoot on the Seine, across the River from Notre Dame. We've seen a few shoots along the Seine, usually involving female models in summer clothing and a wintery backdrop of grey skys; swollen, choppy rivers; and bundled up passersby.

In this picture, the photographer is giving her artistic direction, or he's just tortured by his maddening intellect and the inability of the universe to conform to his vision. Either/Or.

"My god, I'm brilliant! Seine water in her hair making rays like the corona of medieval suns about her face. Heavenly beauty in the muck of human existence."

"Uh, Henri, I'm cold, and some dog poop just floated by. Are we almost done?"

"Dammit, Condolezza! You can't rush me. You must never rush me.... Wait.... Did you say 'dog poop?' That gives me an idea!"

"No, Henri. Not again! Get my agent on the phone! NOW!"


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