Sunday, April 02, 2006

Food Review: L'Enoteca

25 Rue Charles V
75004 Paris

WOW! The best food we've had in Paris, and it was Italian. Shocker, right? Well, here's what happened:
  1. They fit us in without a reservation: score 1.
  2. The table itself was low for a man of my size, and my knees are paying the price: minus 1.
  3. The sparkling Riesling was a surprise when it arrived at the table, but it was great: score 1.
  4. We ordered two antipasto misti plates because Dana was thinking and I don't like to appear indecisive, so I just sent him away with two orders on his tablet. Chiding about assumptions and ordering for the lady of the house ensued, but when the dishes came, all was forgiven: score 2 for the food, but minus 1 for Aaron -- whether it's sexist behavior assuming and making an ASS of U and ME, you lose points.
  5. Dana's white Verdicchio wine, and my Bresciano were great, and with the fresh olive oil and house-made foccacia, we were very happy: score 1
  6. I ordered the Pappardelle with a veal ragout infused with ginger. The pasta was made on the premises, and the stewed, tender veal with an undercurrent of ginger made that poor calf's suffering all the tastier. Score 3.
  7. Dana had a green lasagna. It was made with pesto, tomatoes, ricotta, and lasagna noodles. She really like it and plans to order next time. Score 1.
  8. The tiramisu was truly excellent, and, at 8 Euros, I was going to burn the place down if it wasn't. Score 1.

Total score:

l'Enoteca: 9

Aaron: -1.


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