Friday, March 31, 2006

So excited he could burst....

This picture was taken the day my parents arrived from San Jose, CA.

They had been anticipating this trip for months, so my dad's excitement had reached critical mass. As you can see, he needed to vent some of it from the top of his head. Once the eruption subsided, he was very chill.

The Fighting Irish

Evil red trees outside Our Lady of witch burning.

My theory is that the color of the trees comes from absorbing so much blood over the centuries. It's like that Sepultura album, "Roots, Bloody Roots." Dana thinks I'm being macabre and it's just the lights--this being Paris and all.

I'm not convinced.

Eiffel 65

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start....

On the Bateaux Mouches with Dana and my parents, we got some really nice night shots of Paris monuments. To the left is a long exposure photo of the Eiffel tower. The strobe lights sent the little girl in front of us into ecstatic apoplexy. Total spaz!

No Fishpatty is allowed to act like that.